CV of Failures

As most of what I try fails, I have decided to list some of my failures here. Inspired by Dr Veronika CH’s shadow CV

Rejected Papers


2018-2022 (as PhD student)

  • Paper at Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (co-author)
  • Paper at XKDD 2021 (first author)
  • Paper at ECML/PKDD 2021 (first author)
  • Paper at IDA 2021 (first author)

2012-2017 (as BSc & MSc student)

  • Paper at DS 2016 (co-author)
  • Paper at CSCW 2016 (co-author)

Grants, awards

2018-present (as PhD student)

  • Programa Pessoa 2020-2021

Other academic (and non-academic) rejections

  • Participating in Reinforcement Learning Summer SCOOL (as PhD student)
  • (some) PhD positions I was rejected:
    • TU Delft, UvA, KU Leuven, U. of Bergen, INRIA Sophia Antipolis, U. of Luxembourg.
  • Research project at INESC-TEC (as former MSc student)
  • Undergraduate internship at Google Belo Horizonte (as final year BSc student)