I am MSc student in Computer Science at Federal University of Uberlândia (UFU), advised by Maria Camila Barioni. I am a member of the Laboratory of Information Systems (LSI).

My current research interests involve using semi-supervised clustering techniques for understanding clusters’ behavior over time. During the past years, I have also been working on preference mining and recommender systems.

What’s new

  • [Oct 17] Master’s thesis defense.
  • [Oct 17] Student volunteer at SBBD – Uberlândia, Brazil.
  • [Oct 17] Presenting a paper at SBBD – Uberlândia, Brazil.
  • [Jul 17] Accepted paper at SBBD – Uberlândia, Brazil.
  • [Oct 16] Accepted paper at JIDM.

Latest publications

  • A Framework for Online Clustering Based on Evolving Semi-Supervision. SBBD, 2017
  • Exploiting social information in pairwise preference recommender system. JIDM, 2016.
  • VP-Rec: A Hybrid Image Recommender Using Visual Perception Network. ICTAI, 2016.